Thursday, May 5, 2016


3rd Place $200.00 each : Hannah Thome & Kiana Ziegler.

Hannah Thome Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education, concentrating in Printmaking/Mixed Media, and a minor in Art History at AU’s May commencement. She has been accepted into Ohio University’s history of art graduate program and also their museum studies program. THOME OBJECTIVE: To use my voice to advocate for women in the arts. Thome's art could travel to various public spaces (not just galleries) so people could face the harsh reality of the status of women in the visual arts. Art can create powerful change and with technology, the message could be spread internationally(blogs, FB). With the statistics of women's low representation as artists and how certain art forms ( "domestic crafts") should be considered higher art.
Kiana Ziegler-Sophomore MFA Fine Arts and Minor in Digital Media Production. 
ZIEGLER OBJECTIVE: Distortions of masculinity is the root cause of many, if not all, social problems. This visual art piece,inspired by a lecture by former NFL player Joe Erhmann, will help bring attention to the lies of
masculinity in our culture and hopefully will be a catalyst in getting conversations started about what it really means to be a man.

Description-This piece will be a large collage consisting of magazine ads that spread the “lies” of masculinity that Erhmann listed in his speech. These lies are: men cannot be emotionally expressive; men have to be athletic or physically fit; and men have to sleep with a lot of women and/or have a beautiful woman on his arm.Accompanying the piece will be a binder consisting of scanned images of the original advertisements I will use to make the image, to show the lies visually. The image itself is inspired by a personal experience of mine, where I witnessed a drunk man drag his crying son, who was only about seven years old, through a haunted house. The boy was so scared that he was shaking, and his screams were agonizing as he begged his father to leave. But the dad kept yanking on the boy’s arm, yelling at him to “man up.” This boy was abused emotionally and physically because of his father’s distorted view on what it means to be a man. I want to make a piece that can help protect boys everywhere from being treated so harshly for the sake of fake masculinity.

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